Travel Guide

Just Found a new apps available on android market, it draw to my attraction by it description. This app is a free app therefore i have download it and install.

Overall this app is not as fancy compare to some travel guide app available in market however there is some feature which i never seen on any Malaysia travel guide before which is “My Favourite”: it actually provide a numbers of route to user. This could be a cooler feature to a strange traveller or a user where they have no idea how to plan their trip to a place.

Alot travel guide just provide attraction place but never ever provide a route, which sometime make the planning difficult.

Who ever would like to try out this app, you can go to android market to download.

Adroid games: Dungeon Hunter 2 HD , Gameloft present






Gameloft Dungeon Hunter 2 this game has in the market for sometime, however i just only have time to go through this game. This is a time consuming game once you play you will not stop.

this game basically is base on a story line, where the gamer will need to follow the story line and solve the task to move forward. The addicted part of it is has item & skill feature, where you can earn experience to level up your skill as well as to keep finding so great item.

Here is some of the basic info of the game:

- this game is available 3 charactor: warrior – the warrior relies on his strength and endurnce to survive
                                                         : Rogue – A finesse fighter, the rogue favors speed and precision over power
                                                         : Mage – Learned in forbidden arts, the mage uses both faerie and dark energy

- this game also availble different classes of item, white, blue, green, purple & gold

- the concept or the flow of the game is finetune it is easy to understand

besides, this game also allow multiple player on the same wifi…..which give a all new gaming enviroment o gamer with his/her buddies on complition of the task in the game.

it is time to take ur role in DEUNGEON HUNTER 2 HD for a filght……!!!!!

Finally Google+ is available to download from Malaysia market

It is great to know we are officially able to download the google+ directly from the market. The version of the app is 1.0.7. after a long wait it is eventually open for public not only US but to  other conutry to have a feel on the power of google+.

So coincidently facebook on the same day has also release a new outlook out of their interface…..

anyway, google+ still has some feature unique feature that FB has not post….keep it on google+

IFA 2011: Samsung Galaxy Note review: S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note has draw my attention here with the new input method they integrate into their new high end device: Samsung Galaxy Note. Do the idea quite similar with HTC Flyer….haha indeed but how come it catch my attention on it????

the official info clip for Samsung Galaxy Note from Samsung on IFA 2011 is look awesome on how this new input method : S Pen help in ordinarily touch input method.

This giving a new life for a phone device into a new era, i would definitely want to try out this feature S Pen once i have a chance to hand-on it. I really hope this is a good way or a replacement for our boring note….haha

Nevertheless, this samsung Galaxy Note is also come with dazzling spec which is :
– 5.3-inch screen is WXGA resolution (1,280×800)
– cited 180 degree viewing angle
– screen delivers 285ppi where the iPhone 4 delivers 326ppi , which is really close to it
– 8MP camera with LED flash
– 2MP snapper up front
– 9.65mm thick awesome with such big screen
– battery is a 2,500mAh huge capacity of the battery we will have pretty of juice for it…..nice 1
– Samsung Galaxy Note also includes a stylus called the S Pen
– 1.4GHz ARM-based dual-core processor

Let us have more picture on this gorgeous phone follow with some clip.

Google+ for Android updated to 1.0.6

Google+ has receive a feature update which allow allows users to re-share posts they find interesting with others.

Besides that, google+ 1.0.6 update has bring following additional changes as listed:

  • Reshare a post
  • App now available in 38 languages
  • Incremental improvements to notification reliability
  • Clearer Instant Upload options in the initial setup dialog
Google+ 1.0.6 update also fixes:
  • Eliminate Instant Upload duplicates on HTC models
  • Fixed “No name” issue in Huddle
  • Hidden 1:1 Huddles now reappear when new messages are sent
  • Fixed issue with notifications count changing when switching from portrait to landscape
  • Other performance fixes and minor UI tweaks
  • Ability to create a new circle from the “Circles” destination
It is time to update your google+ version if it is not auto updated on your device……


Hey guys do you all recently have bored with your games on android platform??? dun worry here i have found a nice game which recently landed on android platform : – Colosseum

“Colosseum” is from Gamevil, this is a korean game company who has previously produce Zenonia 3.

This game is quite straight forward but challenging game, as the name of the game “Colosseum” player will become a warrior on an Arena where you need to kill off variety of monsters.

This game has also integrate with the concept of item, where you need to kill monster to earn yourself coin to purchase more powerfull weapon and armor…..(this is the part will make player addicted just like most of the famous pc games)

so wait no longer let go on field and get yourself be the warrior …………^-^ enjoy the game

Android Market 3.1.3

Have you feel bored with your current market? if you are than this will be a great new for you a new Android Market 3.1.3 has just started rolling out. The new android market aside from a few slight aesthetic changes, the two main features include the ability to +1 apps and password protect (PIN lock) your Android purchases.

Has anyone received this new android market update yet?


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